The Goonies — Episode 3 | Retro Media Talk | Podcast

In this episode of the Retro Media Talk Podcast, we talk about the 80s classic ‘The Goonies’. Retro Media Talk is a podcast all about media (Movies, TV Shows, Music, and more) from the 70s, 80s, and some 90s. This podcast features two hosts, Steve Montgomery(Musician/Composer) and Steve Lago (Musician/Military Veteran), and is joined with independent film maker Michael Gallas. Join us as we talk about our favorite parts of the movie, facts about the making of the film, and how we see the film today.

We love all things retro, and we hope you enjoy this podcast episode The Goonies. Forgive us for getting off track sometimes.

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The Goonies is magical film of the 80s, and it’s a movie we enjoy talking about at RETRO MEDIA TALK.



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Steve Montgomery

Hello, I am musician, composer, & blogger. I write Reviews and articles for cool media products like Software, Music, Movies, & other things.