The bottom line is Real Handpan is a Highly Recommended instrument. Since I was not very familiar with the percussion instrument as I was doing my review, I did not feel I should put an exact number on it. However, I had a lot of fun with Real Handpan, and if you watch my review and walkthrough below, you will hear why it is so usable. REAL HANDPAN is an exceptional addition for anyone looking to add some ethereal percussion to their toolbox. With the included pad feature, you are getting a handpan instrument that is super unique. Real Handpan is perfect for film scoring, ambient, new age, meditation music, documentaries, and much more. It runs in Best Service Free sample player Engine 2, so no paid software is needed to operate the library. Best Service and handpan expert Wolfgang Ohmer did an outstanding job with this release. There is no question Real Handpan is an alluring percussion instrument sampled with perfection and is an affordable solution for anyone looking to add these sounds in their productions.



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