Retro Media Talk is a podcast all about media (Movies, Music, and more) from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. This podcast features two musician hosts, Steve Montgomery and Steve Lago, and some other contributors.

Not only do we talk about our favorite parts of the movie, but we also delve into factoids about the making of the film and how the movie changed movie history.

We will sometimes go off into other topics. We love all things retro, and we hope you enjoy this podcast episode of ‘Superman The Movie’ staring the legendary Christopher Reeve.




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Hi guys, I just started a Podcast called RETRO MEDIA PODCAST, a new Podcast available on Spotify, Anchor FM, and YouTube. In the first episode, we talk about the 1980’s iconic film ‘RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK’ film. This podcast is for anyone who loves retro movies, music, and more from the 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s. This Podcast is hosted by Musician/Composer Steve Montgomery and Musician/Steve Lago. It’s a work in progress, but we do have a lot of episodes coming soon.

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Watch my Review of Evergrey’s most recent album ‘A Heartless Portrait- the Orphean Testament’ and my Live disappointment.


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Watch my in depth Album Review of EVERGREY ‘A Heartless Portrait- the Orphean Testament’ and my disappointing emotional breakdown. I unbox the album live and do a full review with short audio portions from each track. Track Listing: 1.Save Us 2. Midwinter Calls 3.Ominous 4. Call Out the Dark 5. The Orphean Testament 6. Reawakening 7. The Great Unwashed 8. Heartless 9.Blindfolded 10.Wildfires



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Steve from KrazeTV Reviews Seventh Wonder ‘The Testament’ Album. that follows 2018’s “Tiara”, which, at the time, was the band’s first new music in eight years. While the wait between albums was, mercifully, shorter this time around, the band certainly did not need any extra time to craft a stunning album showcasing their prolific instrumental skills and intricate songwriting. Indeed, “The Testament” is a high watermark in the band’s already revered discography. If you love melodic progressive metal- you will love this band!



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